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May, 2009

This is an educational web site by Dr. Dale Dubin (Dale Dubin, M.D.), which includes important EKG (ECG) information about EKG tracings, 12 lead EKG's, and cardiac monitors. All web sites offer free PDF downloads.

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The continuing popularity and success of Rapid Interpretation of EKG's testifies to the ease with which the reader can comprehend complex physiological information in a short span of time. The reader's rapid mastery of the didactic material and the longevity of that knowledge have made this text a medical classic.   

This text not only stresses understanding rather than memorizing (very important!), but also supplies vivid, memorable illustrations for long term recall. Every page begins with a large visual image that depicts and explains a concept. Great care is taken to simplify the illustration to aid in rapid comprehension.

The reader concentrates on the illustration and refers back to it as needed, while reading the information on the page; in this way, the reader generates an indelible mental image with a thorough understanding of the concept. The purpose is not just to create mental imagery, but also to instill a crystal clear understanding of the concept depicted by that image. Thus the recall of your knowledge is always associated with proper imagery.

Illustrations are also designed to impart familiarity; for instance, the basic anatomical heart cross section is used throughout the book. But with each new concept presented, the underlying cardiac physiology is correlated with the anatomical area of the heart under consideration. Mental imagery is critical to understanding.

There are many images that employ a light or even humorous analogy for both understanding and as a long-term memory tool. Professionals who have read Rapid Interpretation of EKG's decades ago, still remember images of Salvador Dali's mustache or views of a Ford Thunderbird convertible; most readers recall exactly how each analogy applies, many years after reading the text.

The illustrations in Rapid Interpretation of EKG's use real EKG tracings, so what you see is what you will experience professionally. In this way, the reader instantly becomes familiar with the various common rhythm disturbances as they actually appear on EKG tracing or on cardiac monitor. Emphasis is always placed on what is actually taking place in the heart, and why these circumstances produce the particular rhythm tracing that is recorded.

EKG simulations are not used in this text, since simulations are only an artist's impression of what is really recorded by the EKG machine or cardiac monitor. Memorized simulations force the reader to (attempt to) transpose a drawing into what actually occurs in practice. Such pressures can cause anxiety and stress in critical or emergency situations.

Different EKG tracings demonstrating the same pathology (or rhythm) are used throughout the book, so the reader becomes familiar with various ways the same condition can appear on EKG or cardiac monitor. Practice tracings and examples instill confidence in the reader - a necessity in any medical setting.

If you have read the background information above, this section should be fully downloaded by now. If it has not fully downloaded, please be patient, it may take a little more time to delivery the illustrations and animation.

Mental images provide lasting memory.
We remember things as images.

When recalling a person, a place, or a pet, our memory stores a mental image. So "Justin" is recalled as a cute white dog.

In fact, when we read, each written word produces a mental image.
Try each of these:




Effective learning requires good imagery for recall, but if you aren't given a proper image, your mind fabricates one (perhaps incorrectly).

Is this Sick Sinus Syndrome? [See page 167]

When we think of a person's name, a type of car, or a food, we don't visualize the spelling... no, our minds display a mental image. Try these to see what your memory displays.




Proper illustrations not only give meaning to written material, but also provide an indelible memory image. Illustrations are from the new full-color 6th edition.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.


From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

When you associate new concepts with those that you already understand, comprehension progresses with ease. Then, your overall understanding flows rapidly.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.


From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

With the proper image, your comprehension flows logically. And, the imagery is permanently stored in your memory, so your understanding lasts a lifetime.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

You may have noticed that the illustrations from the book use real EKG tracings, so the reader is not confused by vague artist's simulations that make you guess how the real EKG looks.

From Rapid Interpretation of EKG's copyright © 2017 COVER Publishing Co. Inc.

By just observing these illustrations, you now have a reasonable grasp of how irritable foci can affect the heart's rhythm. 

Memorized lists fade rapidly.

Sick Sinus Syndrome

Sinus Arrest

Sinus Arrhythmia

Sinus Block

Sinus Bradycardia

Sinus Exit Block

Sinus Node

Sinus Rhythm

Sinus Tachycardia

understanding empowers you with a lifetime of practical knowledge (easily recalled with the virtual images in your mind!).

OK, image-based memory has longevity, but just how can Rapid Interpretation of EKG's be so easy to follow and yet maximize comprehension?

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understanding provides lasting knowledge...


it assures confidence in emergency and stressful situations.
(Memorizing won't!) 
Take pride in your new knowledge!
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